Corporate Membership

There are two classes of corporate membership: Corporate Patrons and Platinum Partners. General criteria for corporate membership are:

a) Duly registered organisation in line with the Companies Act and this equally applies to SMEs, Parastatals, large corporates and ZSE listed companies
Full compliance with all regulations pertaining to conduct of business in Zimbabwe e.g. valid tax clearance certificate – the company to provide a declaration of compliance with local laws and IoDZ reserves the right to verify
c) Directors of the company to be review ed to ensure the Directors are and were not rendered insolvent – the Company Secretary or any other person authorized to do so, to provide a declaration that its Directors are of good standing. IoDZ reserves the right to verify any of the provided information
d) The company should have been in operation for not less than three years unless waived by IoDZ.
Specific Criteria and Benefits

A Corporate Patron is required to pay a quarterly membership subscription of US$250.00. The benefits of being a Corporate Patron of the IoDZ are as follows: You receive an IoDZ membership recognition certificate; IoDZ will conduct in-house corporate governance workshops on request at discounted rates; Up to two members will attend IoDZ functions held to update Corporate Patrons on developments in IoDZ; You will receive five complimentary copies of the IoDZ quarterly magazines; Up to five Directors and/ or Executives can simultaneously attend IoDZ functions and/ or training workshops on payment of (discounted) membership rates at any one time. You will receive direct communication on IoDZ programmes and activities. Up to five Directors and or Executives can simultaneously enjoy discounted services such as hotel and tourism facilities/services from the IoDZ partner, the Rainbow Tourism Group at any one time. IoDZ training workshops and membership functions such as DOYA, luncheons, among others, provide important opportunities for networking with other directors and company executives. Membership of IoDZ also provides the member organisation with an invaluable opportunity for investing in good corporate citizenship and identifying with the promotion of sound corporate governance and sustainability programmes driven by the IoDZ.

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